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  • Cryogenic valves

    Properties that characterize the cryogenic valves: safety, the most compact design and full compliance of materials with the requirements of engineering documents; possibility to work as long as possible without maintenance; the possibility of operational maintenance; increased resistance to external influences (vibration and shock loads, humidity, dirt).

    Taking into account the not simple operating conditions and high responsibility of the technical site, the YDF company produces strict quality control at all stages of manufacturing, including nitrogen testing at normal and low temperatures.

  • Platform valves

    The equipment intended for installation in sea climate conditions is characterized by the choice of appropriate materials and types of coating that provide protection of equipment from an aggressive salt environs. In the design and selection of materials, it’s considered not only the technological process conditions, but all critical environmental conditions that may occur during storage, installation, design and commissioning.

  • Shipping Valves

    Shipping Valves are an integral part of the power plants equipment and shipping systems and functionally provide all the tasks facing shipboard equipment providing control of vessels.

    Specific operating conditions of the valves on the ship-board determine the increased requirements put into design and manufacture of this valves.

  • Chemical industry

    The valves in the chemical industry is designed to be applied to aggressive environment, including concentrated acids and alkalis. The key facilities of increasing the valves corrosion resistance is the YDF company uses special materials for the valve-body and parts.

  • Oil Refining

    Many processes of oil refining are characterized by severe conditions: high temperature, presence of erosion, corrosion and large pressure drops.

    Thus, there high requirements are demanded for pipeline valves body-parts materials of the oil refining industry, working in conditions of aggressive environments.

    YDF has two platforms of special foundry production. Advanced technologies of foundry and heat treatment are used, and various types of tests and quality control are carried out to ensure the quality of foundry.

  • Oil and gas industry

    Industrial oil and gas valves are one of the most common types of industrial products.

    High demand for hydrocarbon raw materials leads to an increase of gas and oil transportation volumes. Dimensions and diameters of pipes for transportation are becoming larger and, accordingly, there is a growing need for oversized valves. Therefore, the company YDF has built a special workshop for the large-diameters valves production. High quality control at all stages of manufacture, allows to guarantee high quality of production.

  • Infrastructure

    The main products of the YDF company are ball valves, gate valves, shut-off and back valves, butterfly valves, units for electrical generating station. Our products are to be used for a wide range of operating conditions, as well as for various climatic conditions.